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Latest News

Apirl, 2017 - Dr Haitao Ye from Aston University has received the Lloyd’s Register Foundation PhD Studentship Award. This is the first Aston Award funded from the International Consortium of Nanotechnologies. The Lloyd's Register Foundation International Consortium of Nanotechnologies (ICON) aims to develop a global network of nanotechnologies focussed on addressing the challenges raised in the Foresight Review of Nanotechnologies (2014) to enhance safety.  The global network comprises world-leading academics, industrialists and students.

• Secure Innovate UK - Industrial Challenge Project (TCL, Leicester) – Teer Coating takes a lead in a successful bid for an industrial challenge project in collaboration with Leicester and Birmingham City University to work on CVD and PVD coatings for special applications. This is funded by UK government.


• Secure EU China Co-funding Mechanism (CFM) for Research and Innovation (USTB, ZJUT) – USTB and ZJUT have jointly secured a 3-year match funding by Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology, which will enable them to participate the D-SPA project.


• Secure EPSRC Seeding grant for Ion implantation – Leicester has secured a small grant in terms of beam times to access the National Ion implantation facilities based in Surrey.


• Secure EU platform grant for Ion implantation - CIT has secured a small grant in terms of beam times to access the Ion implantation facilities based in Surrey via H2020 Radiant project

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