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[1] Y. Zhao, Y.Z. Guo, L.Z. Lin, Y.T. Zheng, L.F. Hei, J.L. Liu, J.J. Wei, L.X. Chen, C.M. Li, Comparison of the quality of single-crystal diamonds grown on two types of seed substrates by MPCVD, Journal of Crystal Growth,vol. 491 (2018) 89–96.

[2] Y. Zhao, Y.Z. Guo, L.Z. Lin, Y.T. Zheng, L.F. Hei, J.L. Liu, J.J. Wei, L.X. Chen, C.M. Li, Relationship between Birefringence and Surface Morphology in Single-Crystal Diamonds Grown by MPCVD, Crystal Research Technology, vol. 1 (2018) 1800055.

[3]  J.L. Liu, Y.T. Zheng, L.Z. Lin, Y. Zhao, L.X. Chen, J.J. Wei, J.J. Wang, J.C. Guo, Z.H. Feng, C.M. Li, Surface conductivity enhancement of H-terminated diamond based on the purified epitaxial diamond layer, Journal of Materials Science, vol. 53 (2018) 13030–13041.

[4] J.L. Liu, L.Z. Lin, Y. Zhao, Y.T. Zheng, K. An, J.J. Wei, L.X. Chen, L.F. Hei, J.J. Wang, Z.H. Feng, C.L. Li, Homo-epitaxial growth of single crystal diamond in the purified environment by active O atoms, Vacuum, vol. 155 (2018) 391-397.

[5] W.W. Liu, Z.C. Li, H. Cheng, C.C. Tang, J.J. Li, S. Zhang, S.Q. Chen, J.G. Tian, Metasurface Enabled Wide-Angle Fourier Lens, Advanced Materials, vol. 30 (2018) 1706368.

[6] H.C. Liu, S. Zhang, Computational ghost imaging of hot objects in long-wave infrared range, Applied Physics Letters, vol. 111, no. 3 (2017) 031110.

[7] H. Xu, H. Ye, D. Coathup, I.Z. Mitrovic, A.D. Weerakkody & X. Hu, An insight of p-type to n-type conductivity conversion in oxygen ion-implanted ultrananocrystalline diamond films by impedance spectroscopy, Applied Physics Letters, vol. 110, no. 3 (2017) 033102.

[8] L.B. Xia, W.L. Gao, B. Yang, Q.H. Guo, H.C. Liu, J.G. Han, W.L Zhang, Shuang Zhang, Stretchable Photonic ‘Fermi Arcs’ in Twisted Magnetized Plasma, Laser & Photonics Review, vol. 12 (2017) 1700226.

[9] F.Y. Yue, C.M. Zhang, X.F. Zang, D.D. Wen, B.D. Gerardot, S. Zhang, X.Z. Chen, High-resolution grayscale image hidden in a laser beam, Light: Science and Applications, vol. 7 (2018) 17129.

[10] D.J. Coathup, Z. Li, X. Zhu, H. Ye, The growth of non-c-axis-oriented ferroelectric BLT thin films on silicon using ZnO buffer layer, Materials Letters, vol. 206 (2017) 117–120.

[11] W.L. Gao, B. Yang, B. Tremain, H.C. Liu, Q.H. Guo, L.B. Xia, A.P. Hibbins. S. Zhang Experimental observation of photonic nodal line degeneracies in metacrystals, Nature Communications, vol. 9 (2018) 950.

[12] Q.H. Guo, B. Yang, L.B. Xia, W.L. Gao, H.C. Liu, J. Chen, Y.J. Xiang, S. Zhang, Three Dimensional Photonic Dirac Points in Metamaterials, Physical Review Letters, vol. 119 (2017) 213901.

[13] C.X. Liu, W.L. Gao, B. Yang, S. Zhang, Disorder-Induced Topological State Transition in Photonic Metamaterials,Physical Review Lettersvol. 119 (2017) 183901.

[14] Y.H. Liu, Q.H. Guo, H.C. Liu, C.C Liu, K. Song, B. Yang, Q.W. Hou, X.P. Zhao, S. Zhang, M. Navarro-Cía, Circular-Polarization-Selective Transmission Induced by Spin-Orbit Coupling in a Helical Tape Waveguide, Physical Review Applied, vol. 9 (2018) 054033.

[15] B. Yang, Q.H. Guo, B. Tremain, R.J. Liu, L.E. Barr, Q.H. Yan, W.L. Gao, H.C. Liu, Y.J. Xiang, J. Chen, C. Fang, A. Hibbins, L. Lu, S. Zhang,  Ideal Weyl points and helicoid surface states in artificial photonic crystal structures, Science, vol. 359, no. 6379 (2018) 1013-1016.

[16] H.C. Liu, B. Yang, Q.H. Guo, J.H. Shi, C.Y. Guan, G.X. Zheng, H. Mühlenbernd, G.X. Li, T. Zentgraf S. Zhang, Single-pixel computational ghost imaging with helicity-dependent metasurface hologram, Science Advances,vol. 3 (2017) 1701477.

[17] T.T. Kim, S.S. Oh, H.D. Kim, H.S. Park, O. Hess, B.Min, S. Zhang, Electrical access to critical coupling of circularly polarized waves in graphene chiral metamaterials, Science Advances,vol. 3 (2017) 1701377.

[18] H. Xu, J.J. Liu, H.T. Ye, D.J. Coathup, A.V. Khomich, X.J. Hu, Structural and electrical properties of carbon-ion-implanted ultrananocrystalline diamond films, Chinese Physics B,vol. 27 (2018) 096104.

[19] C.K. Chen, Y.S. Mei, J.M. Cui, X.Li. M.Y. Jiang, S.H. Lu, X.J. Hu, Man-made synthesis of ultrafine photoluminescent nanodiamonds containing less than three silicon-vacancy colour centres, Carbon, vol. 139 (2018) 982-988.

[20] D. Fan, S.H, Lu, A.A. Golov, A.A. Kabanov, X.J. Hu, D-carbon: Ab initio study of a novel carbon allotrope, The Journal of Chemical Physics, vol. 149 (2018) 114702.

[21] X. Li, J.Q. Chen, J.S. Ye, T. Feng, X.J. Hu, Low-stress diamond films deposited on stainless steel by a two-step dropped power process in chemical vapor deposition, Diamond and Related Materials, vol. 81 (2018) 176-182.

[22] Z.C. Yang, Y.S. Mei, C.K. Chen, Y.L. Ruan, X.J. Hu, Synthesis of strong SiV photoluminescent diamond particles on silica optical fiber by chemical vapor deposition, Chinese Physics B, vol. 27 (2018) 038101.

[23] Y.T. Zheng, J.L. Liu, J.J. Wang, Z.C. Li, H. Hao, J.J Wei, L.X. Chen, H.T. Ye, C.M. Li, The direct-current characteristics and surface repairing of a hydrogen-terminated free-standing polycrystalline diamond in aqueous solutions, Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solid, vol. 130 (2019) 111-119.

Conference Publications

The 25th Congress of International Federation for Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering, Xi’an, China, September 2019. Co-organizers of a symposium. Guest editors for JMR focus issue, which is to be published in 2020.

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