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Preparation Meeting of D-SPA Project

H2020 RISE Project “D-SPA” preparation meeting was held in Aston University, UK, on

Friday, 30 September 2016, 9:30-17:00. Room G39.

Dr Haitao Ye (Aston), Dr Tomasz Ochalski (CIT), Prof Shuang Zhang (UoB), Dr Nicos Kehagias (ICN2), Dr Hailin Sun (TCL), Jamie Coathup (Aston), and Kevin O'Reilly (Aston) attended the meeting. Prof Chengming Li (USTB), Prof Xiaojun Hu (ZJUT) and Dr Ilia Ivanov, ORNL participatend the meeting and discussion via skype video call. The meeting has confirmed the details on secondments and management of the project.

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